Commerce at Deakin

Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Business Combined Courses MAJOR SEQUENCES: Accounting, Business Analytics, Commercial Law, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning, Human Resource Management, International Trade, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing
Life as a commerce student at Deakin Waterfront
As a first-year student, it is highly beneficial to attend 'Orientation Week', this is a week in which students can get an informal experience and taste of what university is like before classes formally commence. Students at Deakin University, are given many essential free support services, which can be found by visiting All students also have access to study support services, which support academic progression, more information can be found by visiting At the beginning of the academic year, DCSS invites first year students to apply to become a First Year Representative for the society. This provides students with a fantastic opportunity to make lifelong friendships, become apart of invaluable experiences and build and develop lifelong skills and knowledge.