The Ringside Extreme Boxing Fitness Gloves support you in your quest for supreme physical fitness. The gloves’ ventilated underside promotes the evaporation of sweat, assisting in keeping our hands dry during your boxing workout. The elastic and hook and loop wrist closure allows for maximum fit for multiple sizes.

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The Ringside Extreme Boxing Fitness Gloves support you in your quest for supreme physical fitness. The gloves’ ventilated underside promotes the evaporation of sweat, assisting in […]
April 25, 2015

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In a formal definition of Haute Couture in 1995 Laurence Bena wrote, Couture involves craftsmanship, the skill of the seamstress and embellisher (feather makers, embroiderers, milliners) […]
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12. Franko, our most frequent blog commenter. Others of you have offered your own comments on Franko haiku like offerings, which you see in the section […]
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