However, there are plenty of companies lining up to take Google’s Chinese search business.Google quits censoring search in ChinaThe move is a path likely to be repeated by Google’s Chinese partners. In 2009, Baidu had 60 percent of the Chinese search market while Google’s share is about a third, according to Analysys International, a Beijing based research firm.Since Google announced on January 12 it may exit China, Baidu stock prices have increased nearly 50 percent.”In the near term, Baidu will be the biggest beneficiary,” said Edward Yu, president of Analysys International. “For middle and long term views, there are other competitors that may be advancing and trying to capture the market share Google left.”Google China move hurts businesses, academicsTencent Holdings is one such company analysts say could soon cash in on a post Google China.

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September 3, 2015

Google quits censoring search in ChinaThe move is a path likely

However, there are plenty of companies lining up to take Google’s Chinese search business.Google quits censoring search in ChinaThe move is a path likely to be […]
September 2, 2015

Yes, I seen the photos going around

Fresh off his victories in Wisconsin and Hawaii Tuesday, his ninth and tenth in a row, Obama had spent the morning fending off a cold, attacks […]
September 2, 2015

“Taxi gachi” is the name for the conductor in these mini buses

You can choose baby bedding, lamps, baby clothes, etc. With sports based theme. You can buy sports related toys as well. Mugs were filled with Bovril […]
September 1, 2015

Rather than report this unjustified and outrageous abuse of

However, if you came here looking for the real sorcerer’s stone you would be seeking this stone, Nuummite. It doesn’t exactly create the elixir of life […]